Sunday Funday 1/20/13

Been doing some barbell work for the last month. Deadlifts, Zerchers, and Military Press with some Kettlebell work sprinkled in. Changed it up today just for fun keeping with the same theme of lifts but just using bells. Prep: Primal Move Rolling Hip and Ankle Mob 24kg TGU x 3+3 (same side then switch) Double […]

Primal Movement Cert this weekend

Just landed in Texas. Super excited for the Primal Movement Certification tomorrow. Had a quick training session yesterday combining some of the movements I have been working on. Took it easy, not trying to be to wiped out for the weekend. Prep: Foam rolling/Stick work Hip flexor stretch/brettzel Primal Flow Warmup 16kg TGU stretches + […]

Happy Wrist

My wrist is happy today! Have added a bit of new load slowly and things are still feeling great. Working with a 1 day on 1 day off approach. Lower body focus tomorrow…excited to Deadlift 8/29/12 – Training Prep: Foam an Stick work Rolling and Crawling Hip flexor stretch an Ankle mob Brettzel Primal movements […]


A bunch of stuff…

Hey Hey, Been awhile since I posted. First things first if you haven’t seen the new Batman Movie…Go see it! Incredible! Saw it at the true IMAX Theatre a few days ago and going to see it again tomorrow. We have expanded the studio at Kettlebility. More toys, more space, more classes, more clients, more […]

Today’s Practice 5/30/12

Hey Hey, been awhile since I posted… Still working around my wrist injury but able to plenty and for that I am grateful. Had a great lower body workout yesterday and a super upper body focus today. I have been working with mostly 24kg or Double 24kg. Wrist is improving, just slowly. Here is what went down […]

It’s Official

Sorry for my absence on posting these past few weeks. Work and life have been busy. Kettlebility is expanding, we are offering more classes, implementing a new online system and I have had more clients. All really good stuff! My training has been outstanding over the past 6 months(Thank you Brett Jones!) as I prepare for the […]


Workout of the Week 3/28/12

Hmm, Lets try that again. WordPress ate my last post it seems…. Double Bell Ballistic Focus Complex Swing Sandwich(great name by Max Shank!) Double Swings x 2-3-5reps Double Cleans x 2-3-5 Double Snatches x 2-3-5 Double Swings x 2-3-5 Push Ups x 1-2-3 -Repeat 3-5 Rounds(rest 1min between rounds) Example: Swing x 2 Clean x […]


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