Increase your Kettlebell Snatch numbers, Part 1

So I wanted to share some tools that have worked for me and my clients on increasing snatch numbers. If you are training for the RKC Snatch Test(100repsx5min) or SSST(200repsx10min) or just want to increase the amount of work done then this will help. I’d like to point out you should have solid swing mechanics esp with 1 hand. This is not a “how to snatch” article.(coming soon!)

Part 1 will focus on the 1 hand swing and some drills to make it better. I feel people forget that the snatch starts as a 1 hand swing and ends as a Turkish Get-up. So mastering these 2 lifts is key!

The Program Goal is 100 reps in 5mins(or less)

Pick a kettlebell that is 1 or 2 sizes heavier than your current snatch bell. (example if you snatch a 24kg then use a 28kg or 32kg)
-Time the workout. Each workout shoot for 100reps in less time.
-Focus on getting that bell to float up to chin height(think high swing). Strong-powerful hipdrive. This does not mean let your shoulder out of the socket. All RKC swing rules apply here.
-Start with 5/5reps x 10sets and  see how it feels. To easy? Then move up the reps, don’t need to set the bell down? Awesome! Keep plugging away till you hit 10/10 x 5sets in 5min or less.
-Don’t rush, keep the reps clean. If you are struggling and racing the clock with crappy reps you have moved up to fast. (insert burpee punishment!)

Prep work before doing Swings.
Hip Flexor Stretch
Single leg Deadlifts
2sets x 3-5reps each side of both drills.

Add this to your current workouts 2-3x a week. Part 2 will be along soon. Post comments with updates or questions.

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4 Comments on “Increase your Kettlebell Snatch numbers, Part 1”

  1. blackstonevalleykettlebells
    September 14, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    Good stuff Kevin. Simple, yet effective. And you’ll be picking your lung up off the floor when you are done!

    • Kevin Knapp
      September 14, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

      For sure! Thanks for checking it out.

      • Nada
        June 7, 2012 at 4:49 am #

        TravisI am so sick of bullshit exceuss. I have not time I am to old I don’t have the equipment. Well lets see I a am 41 years old married with a 7 year old daughter. I only have in my gym 310 freeweights, 1 35lb kb 1 50lb kb and 1 60kb and a rack of up to 70lbs kb’s . I don’t have sandbags but I do have a power wheel,weight vest and chains plus a long strip of land to do sprints and I have been tearing it up using your program using slight variations and keeping your diet tips. I want to be the most ripped power and conditioined 40 year old out there. Sorry for the rant I also have in my job and house print outs on your tips for gettting abs that I read if I am getting unmotivated. Your site rocks!!John


  1. Increase those Kettlebell Snatch reps, Part 2 | Turning Point - October 4, 2011

    [...] 1 of increasing your snatch numbers can be found here. -work those 1hand [...]

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