Mo Progress Mo Problems

Nah, just kidding! Just made me think of that Puff Daddy track from long ago “Mo Money Mo Problems”

Finished up strong for Week 2. Had some great gains on some big lifts. Good practice on Jerks, and Bent Pressing. Feeling good!

March is going to be a busy month at Kettlebility so hoping to stay the course. I am going to limit my grip work(I hope) to 3x a week. Heavy Gripper day, Pinching day, and Vertical Bar day. Big thanks to Jedd at Diesel Crew for the guidance.

I shot a video of my Swing to check some things. Video Below

Here is what went down over the past few days

Double 24kg Jerks Ladders
2-3-5-8 x 2sets
2-3-5-6 x 2sets
-big volume PR here over last week. Hoping for 10reps next week

Double 32kg Front Squats
2reps x 3sets
3reps x 1set
- PR on the triple

Single Leg Deadlift
36kg x 3+3
40kg x 3+3 x 2sets
40kg x 2+2
-More weight, more Volume then last week

Bent Press Practice
24kg x 1+1 x 2sets
28kg x 1+1 x 3sets
32kg x 1+1
-First attempt at the 32kg, quickly becoming one of my favorite lifts.

44kg Loaded Cleans x 2+2 x 3sets
-Hard this week

44kg 2 Hand swings x 10 x 4sets
-Felt Great!

There was some Windmills, TGU, and Volume Vertical Bar work with lots of mobility sprinkled in. Resting today, Start Week 3 tomorrow.

Going to start posting a workout each week if people are looking for some idea’s. If you missed it check it out here



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