Guest Post- Logan Christopher on Pressing Up into a Handstand

Big thank you to Logan for putting this together!

I have been working on more and more body weight drills and am excited to have such a skilled ninja like Logan provide some step by step instruction on a very challenging progression.

Check out his site here

Thanks again man


Pressing Up Into a Handstand

There are few bodyweight skills more impressive then pressing up into a handstand effortlessly and being able to hold it steady as long as you desire.

While this is no easy skill, it is certainly within the reach of anyone willing to work up to it, devoting plenty of practice over time.

To start with we’ll be doing the easiest bent arm press, known as the frogstand press. In this move you start in the frogstand position and press up until you’re in a handstand.

This was the first handstand press I learned, and is easier then other form. Depending on your flexibility certain straight arm presses could be easier for you, but that’s a whole other subject.

A big mistake I see people make is to try to press up into a handstand is that they cannot hold a handstand yet. This is like trying to run before learning how to walk. Not very smart in my opinion.

Spend the time learning to STAND on your hands. This means not walking, or stumbling around, on your hands, but gaining the ability to stand solidly. If you can hold a handstand for 10 seconds out in the open you’re good to go (of course I would advise to keep working on lengthening that time as well).

If you need more information on how to do this then I recommend you go to my website for detailed articles and videos that will get you started.

Assuming you can hold a handstand we’ll start working on the frogstand press.

1. Start in the frogstand position. This is also called the knees on elbows stand. From here your arms are bent approximately 90 degrees. This position doesn’t take much strength because your bodyweight is supported by the forearms with your knees on the elbows.

2. Starting tipping forward so your face comes closer to the ground. Don’t allow your arms to bend any more than they currently are. Keep them locked in that place. As you tip forward your knees will come off the elbows.

3. As you start pressing up with your arms your knees and hips will begin to unfold as well.

4. Lockout your arms in the proper handstand position. Bring the legs together and straight and point the toes to complete the handstand.

5. From here you can hold the position or start any other hand balancing skill.

Key Points

What you want to avoid is to shoot your legs up quickly to try to get into the handstand. While this may add momentum and make the pressing part harder, it is better to keep it all under control. It will also be much easier to get into the balance for the handstand if you don’t explode into it.

When done slower it will take more static strength as your arms and shoulders must support your weight and then raise it up.

What also happens often is that the legs are shoot out and not enough up, this brings you down immediately in an under balance. Even when going slowly you must make sure to un-curl the legs upwards and not in front of you.

Making it Harder or Easier

The method I first used to work up to this movement was to do negatives. Start off in a handstand and lower down into the frogstand under control. It’s easy to fall into the position, especially that last little bit, but by going slowly you’ll build the strength and control you need.

Once you can do the positive portion of the frogstand press add the negative. Then try repeating it for reps. My current best is four complete repetitions. See if you can beat me.

Logan is an experienced physical culturist that started his passion for gymnastics from his high school time.

You can read the knowledge he shares with us on his personal website where you can learn things like how to do a backflip and many more.

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4 Comments on “Guest Post- Logan Christopher on Pressing Up into a Handstand”

  1. Jean-Luc
    October 13, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Awesome! Thank you very much for this tutorial! :)

    • Kevin Knapp
      October 27, 2012 at 11:19 am #

      Great stuff for sure! Glad you liked it


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